Ecommerce is growing, customer shopping habits are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and merchants are evolving to keep up.

In 2019 Ecommerce Trends and Predictions we discuss these upcoming trends and how retailers can take advantage of the changes coming our way. Learn more about Ecommerce industry trends with Rakuten SL experts!

  • Current Ecommerce Trends Shaping the Industry Landscape
  • Online Shopper Habits Impacting Retailers
  • Logistics Trends to Keep Up with Consumer Demands


Guest Speakers:

Jason Chan
VP of Marketing & Marketing
Rakuten Super Logistics

Jason directs the company’s sales and marketing functions to grow the company’s market share and drive revenue. Prior to RSL, Chan ran CenturyLink’s Las Vegas marketing and nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit, owning several businesses including car washes and an energy drink company.

Jeremy Brooks
Manager of Client Implementations
Rakuten Super Logistics

Jeremy manages the company’s new client integration and implementation . He joins the RSL team with over 16 years of ecommerce experience. In previous roles, Brooks specialized in payments processing, fraud, B2B/B2C, business development, and logistics.

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