Holiday Prep Checklist to Jump-Start Your Fulfillment

by Karina Stanton | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment

At Rakuten Super Logistics, we know how crazy the holiday shipping season can get–especially if you are doing it all in house! If that’s the case, then hats off to you. Juggling your business and order fulfillment is hard work.  And, as the holiday season is going to be here before you know it, it is important to start planning and organizing your holiday fulfillment now.

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Prepare Now to Win Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

by Karina Stanton | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, Free Shipping

To prepare for the busy upcoming holiday season, it is important to take a look at trends from the previous year, learn from them, and plan accordingly. A study done by Magnetic on holiday shopping trends revealed that a prominent trend from the 2015 holiday season was an influx in last minute shoppers. About ⅓ of holiday shoppers were purchasing gifts just a few weeks before the holiday. For the 2016 holiday rush, you should be ready to use this shopping trend to your company’s advantage.

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5 Ways Outsourcing Your Order Fulfillment Creates a Competitive Holiday Advantage

by Karina Stanton | eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment, Holiday Fulfillment

While you’re busy trying to stay afloat handling your shipping and returns in-house, do you ever stop and wonder how the “other guys” manage to have time to promote their products at events, engage their customers on social media, AND continue to constantly release new, innovative products? The answer to your curiosity may be quite simple–your  competition has a competitive advantage over you.

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How to Boost Your Summer Sales

by Jonathan Wood | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment, Partnerships

Summer months can be a slow time for eCommerce businesses. However, there can still be easy and effective ways to boost and even maintain your sales. Discounts Most people just can’t resist a great deal. There’s a reason ‘Limited Time Discounts’ are still around: they are effective. A simple 10% off for the next 48 hours can draw people in.

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IRCE 2016 – We’re on Our Way!

by Jonathan Wood | eCommerce Fulfillment, IRCE, Rakuten

In eCommerce, the US sector alone is forecasted to leap forward, expanding at 10% this year. However with this rapid growth comes great challenges inherent in a dynamic ­market. On top of fierce competition and unforgiving customers, the best practices and strategies are constantly shifting, which can make it difficult to keep up to date with the best way to guide your business.

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RSL Holiday Shipping Calendar

by Gwen Carrington

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Ecommerce Analytics to Measure for a Successful Holiday Season

by Gwen Carrington | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment

In our efforts to “Always Improve, Always Advance” we’re excited to present another guest blog post featuring information eCommerce retailers can use to positively impact their business outcomes. Today’s post is written by Abhi Jadhav.   The holiday shopping season is almost upon us. And it could be one of the biggest in recent years. Online spending is predicted to grow from $2.5 bn to $3.

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Will Your Fulfillment Keep Your Customers Happy this Holiday Season?

by Gwen Carrington | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce

Is your eCommerce business ready to quickly and accurately pick, pack and ship this holiday — when your current order volume gets multiplied by 4 or more? Now is the time to turn the critical eye on your fulfillment operations and ensure you are prepared to handle the huge influx of orders during the holidays. Make sure your operations and processes are streamlined and well-tested, so that your customers receive their orders as quickly as possible.

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