Learn Proven Fulfillment Strategies to
Boost Your 2017 Holiday Sales


Protect Your Holiday Profits with Expert Fulfillment Tips

Record-breaking eCommerce sales are once again expected this holiday season. But will unexpected fulfillment challenges jeopardize your profits?

Uncover the keys to overcoming today’s top fulfillment challenges and discover proven strategies to position your company for success.

Our panel of eCommerce fulfillment experts cover topics, including:

  • Key Holiday Fulfillment Strategies: This year Christmas will fall on a Monday – learn the best tactics to ensure your customers’ packages arrive on time.
  • How to Beat Amazon, the Christmas Scrooge: It appears Amazon is out to steal Christmas from independent eCommerce retailers. Find out what you can do to protect your profits and succeed in 2017.
  • Exceeding Expectations to Win Loyal Customers: Repeat buyers are the holy grail of eCommerce marketing. Find out what you must do to turn holiday shoppers into repeat buyers in the coming year.

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