Finding a 3PL for Seller Fulfilled Prime

by Rakuten Super Logistics | 2-Day-Shipping, eCommerce Fulfillment, Outsourced Fulfillment

6 MIN. READ Ever since its beta launch in 2015, Seller Fulfilled Prime has been a hot topic for Amazon sellers. There are a ton of benefits to the program, but also some strict requirements and drawbacks. This post is designed to help eTailers find a logistics partner who can maximize the impact SFP can have on their business. But before we start talking about 3PLs for Seller Fulfilled Prime, we should have a quick look at the full Amazon sell-ship ecosystem.

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DIY Shipping vs. Hiring a 3PL: What’s Best for eCommerce Companies?

by Rakuten Super Logistics | 2-Day-Shipping, eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment

6 MIN. READ If you’re an online seller, you know exactly what time of year it is. The leaves are falling, Thanksgiving is around the corner – and the holiday season is about to heat up. Hopefully, that means you’re feeling optimistic. Holiday retail sales eclipsed $1 trillion last year, meaning a potential windfall for sellers that do it right.

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Successfully employing free shipping to increase conversion rates

by Rakuten Super Logistics | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce

4 MIN. READ To compete with brick-and-mortar, it’s essential that online retailers reduce the number of customers who ready to buy something but fail to complete their cart transaction when they see the shipping costs. A recent analysis of cart-abandonment studies found that 55% of respondents reported that the “extra” costs, mainly shipping, were too high. In addition, 21% cited the inability to calculate the costs of an order up-front as a reason they abandoned their carts.

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RSL Podcast Episode 1– New Trends in Ecommerce for 2019

by Rakuten Super Logistics | 2-Day-Shipping, eCommerce, eCommerce Strategy

  Audio transcript [Edited for clarity] Sarah: Hello and welcome to the very first episode of RSL’s podcast where we discuss the latest trends and news in ecommerce and logistics. I am Sarah Smith, Manager of Marketing Operations, here at Rakuten Super Logistics and I’m joined by Jeremy Brooks, Manager of Client Implementations, and Jason Chan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Jeremy: Hello Jason: Thanks for having us here.

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Understanding Dimensional Weight and Zones: Best Practices to Reduce Shipping Costs

by Rakuten Super Logistics | 2-Day-Shipping, eCommerce Fulfillment, eCommerce Strategy

For ecommerce retailers to remain profitable, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of how dimensional weight and shipping zones work when it comes to order fulfillment and delivery. What is Dimensional Weight? The general idea behind dimensional weight (dim weight) is shippers (in this case, the ecommerce merchants) pay for the space their packages take up on a truck, rather than the physical weight of the package that is large or bulky, yet low in weight.

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Meeting Customer Expectations for Online Returns

by Rakuten Super Logistics | 2-Day-Shipping, eCommerce Strategy

The vast majority of online retailers focus on consumer shipping expectations. Consumers are willing to pay more for same-day or faster delivery – according to PwC (member firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited), they “prize fast, flexible and reliable service.

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2018 Holiday Shipping Calendar

by Rakuten Super Logistics | 2-Day-Shipping, Holiday Fulfillment

Keep these recommended dates in mind when you’re shipping during the holidays. Download a PDF version here.

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How to Offer Free Shipping and Increase Profits

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | 2-Day-Shipping, eCommerce Strategy, Free Shipping

  Remember when ordering something online meant paying an exorbitant amount in shipping and handling costs and waiting 5-7 business days to get it? Well, that just won’t cut it for your customers anymore. Today’s online shoppers expect more from their eCommerce buys than just reliable delivery. Consumers EXPECT fast and free shipping and expect you to deliver. Growing competition and increasing shipping promotions have created a new challenge for retailers.

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New Dim Weight Changes for 2017

by Sarah Smith | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment

Unless you’re an eCommerce merchant who’s been hiding under a rock for a few years or dealing solely in intangible products, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Dim Weight. The Dimensional Weight Pricing model (also known as DIM) was introduced in 2015. The purpose of Dim Weight is to ensure that shipments are billed properly when they utilize a larger amount of space in carrier transport vehicles, like planes and trucks.

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5 Signs Your eCommerce Order Fulfillment Is Failing

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | 2-Day-Shipping, eCommerce Fulfillment, Holiday Fulfillment

Is your eCommerce fulfillment provider making the grade?  Whether you’re coping with the busy holiday shopping season, an important sales promotion or just a regular day; the success of your eCommerce store is riding on your fulfillment. With increased customer expectations for order accuracy and on-time delivery, your eCommerce order fulfillment provider is tested every time an order comes through your store.

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