Building Partnerships that Last, One Storage Room at a Time

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Customer Satisfaction, Partnerships

Nutraceuticals require special attention when it comes to warehouse storage. While refrigeration or climate control is not always required for nutraceutical supplements, the natural storage environment should be within an ideal temperature range for maximum product freshness and shelf-life. Depending on external factors, the solution can be simple or require a little extra work.

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6 Order Fulfillment Metrics that Increase Customer Satisfaction

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment, eCommerce Strategy

It is not enough to provide great products at great prices, you absolutely must provide a great customer experience to remain competitive. Whether you realize it or not, your fulfillment is an extension of your customers’ experience and should be treated with attention to detail.

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3 Reasons to Plan Holiday Order Fulfillment Now

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Strategy, Holiday Fulfillment

Are you experiencing a summer slowdown? Chances are, your online product sales see a bit of a dip between the months of June and October. But then the holiday shopping season comes along and the demand for holiday order fulfillment hits you like a ton of bricks! Take the extra time now to focus on improving the holiday shopping experience for your customers by updating your holiday eCommerce strategy.

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Order Fulfillment for Online Pet Supplies

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment, eCommerce Strategy

Meeting the needs of specialized industries in order fulfillment requires special attention. For online businesses specializing in beauty, electronics, nutraceuticals and pet supplies, the obstacles in order fulfillment can differ greatly. Online businesses must find order fulfillment solutions to tackle the unique challenges faced in providing their customers fast, accurate, and low-cost shipping.

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Customer Experience and Modern eCommerce Fulfillment Service

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment, Outsourced Fulfillment

Focus on Post-Purchase Customer Experience  Gone are the days of focusing solely on pre-purchase customer experience to ensure success in the eCommerce world. While an enticing brand and user-friendly shopping experience can lure customers into new purchases, your store’s ability to retain profitable repeat customers is dependent on the post-purchase experience.

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New Dim Weight Changes for 2017

by Sarah Smith | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment

Unless you’re an eCommerce merchant who’s been hiding under a rock for a few years or dealing solely in intangible products, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Dim Weight. The Dimensional Weight Pricing model (also known as DIM) was introduced in 2015. The purpose of Dim Weight is to ensure that shipments are billed properly when they utilize a larger amount of space in carrier transport vehicles, like planes and trucks.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource Your Fulfillment and Shipping

by Sarah Smith | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment, Infographic

Looking for the signs that show it’s time to outsource fulfillment and shipping? Here are five.

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Outsource Order Fulfillment for Accelerated eCommerce Growth

by Sarah Smith | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment

Outsourcing order fulfillment and shipping can be a highly strategic business decision that helps you achieve greater productivity, increases profits and accelerates growth. At RSL, we have many long-term customers who have experienced exponential growth after outsourcing order fulfillment with us. By utilizing our solutions for order fulfillment, freight management and shipping optimization, they have grown their eCommerce businesses beyond expectations.

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Tips to Reduce Stress & Get Things Done During the Holidays

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Customer Satisfaction, Holiday Fulfillment

  It comes as no surprise that more than eight out of 10 Americans anticipate stress during the holiday season, as shown in a poll conducted by the American Psychological Association. Not only can increased holiday stress dampen spirits during the most joyous season, it can also inhibit productivity during the most demanding time for eCommerce fulfillment. After all, running a successful business while maintaining a healthy personal life is challenging enough during regular seasons.

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Prepare Now to Win Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

by Sarah Smith | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, Free Shipping

To prepare for the busy upcoming holiday season, it is important to take a look at trends from the previous year, learn from them, and plan accordingly. A study done by Magnetic on holiday shopping trends revealed that a prominent trend from the 2015 holiday season was an influx in last minute shoppers. About ⅓ of holiday shoppers were purchasing gifts just a few weeks before the holiday.

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