13 Things You Need to Know About Freight Forwarding

by Rakuten Super Logistics | Freight

This is a guest post written by International Logistics Centre. Global freight forwarding is a widely used method of international transport for both business and personal use. Global freight forwarding companies, like International Logistics Centre and Rakuten Super Logistics, coordinate the shipment of goods from one destination to another using a range of carriers, including air freight, ocean freight, road fright and, in some cases, railway freight.

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Smart Ways to Save on Inventory Transfer Costs

by Sarah Smith | eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment, eCommerce Strategy

When daily order volumes exceed 20 orders a day, most eCommerce retailers find positive time and cost savings through outsourcing their order fulfillment. However, there may be additional costs added to the balance sheet when inventory is transferred from its original location to the new fulfillment center(s). In addition to the expenses associated with freight, the inventory transfer process may require additional time for planning and organization.

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4 Fast-Track Tips to Outsourced Fulfillment

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | eCommerce Strategy, Freight, Outsourced Fulfillment

Transitioning order fulfillment operations, whether moving to a new provider or implementing outsourced fulfillment for the first time, doesn’t have to be a long, arduous process. Partnering with the right fulfillment provider can optimize operations and accelerate the growth of your online business! Here are four tips to make your transition to a new fulfillment center as smooth and efficient as possible: 1.

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Outsource Order Fulfillment for Accelerated eCommerce Growth

by Sarah Smith | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment

Outsourcing order fulfillment and shipping can be a highly strategic business decision that helps you achieve greater productivity, increases profits and accelerates growth. At RSL, we have many long-term customers who have experienced exponential growth after outsourcing order fulfillment with us. By utilizing our solutions for order fulfillment, freight management and shipping optimization, they have grown their eCommerce businesses beyond expectations.

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Out of the Box: My Post Holiday Evaluation

by Michael Manzione | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment

A Recap from Rakuten Super Logistics Chief Operating Officer Michael Manzione One of our main goals in 2015 is to accelerate the accuracy and time of receiving inventory. With your help, following the tips provided and our guidelines in our Customer Service Manual it will be a “win” for both of us. The holiday season is in the rear view mirror and like “you”; we’re catching our breath and evaluating our performance.

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Changing, Connecting & Creating at IRCE Booth #251

by Sarah Smith | Freight, IRCE, Rakuten

It’s time for the Main Day 1 of IRCE and we’re here in Chicago ready for “Changing Connecting & Creating”. We’ve joined the Rakuten group in IRCE booth #251. Here are a few things we have in store for our visitors throughout the show: Yesterday we released our big announcement: Webgistix is now Rakuten Super Logistics. Stop by and see our new look and learn more about the advantages this provides our customers. A Fun Contest.

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We’ve Got You Covered: Zero Downtime and Free* Inventory Transfer

by Sarah Smith | eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment, Freight

During aerial refueling, military planes transfer fuel from one plane to another during flight. This amazing feat eliminates downtime and increases fuel efficiency. It allows planes to fly greater distances at higher speeds and with maximum payloads. Aerial refueling requires perfect timing, specialized equipment and operators trained to complete tasks with exacting precision. By keeping precious cargo in motion, aerial refueling helps eliminate the high cost of downtime.

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Be Smart about Freight Management: 5 Ways to Get Better Quotes

by Sarah Smith | eCommerce Fulfillment, Freight, International Fulfillment

If you are an ecommerce retailer, then you know that managing freight is a necessary and important cost of doing business, but it can be complicated and overwhelming to deal with all the requirements while maximizing your supply chain efficiency. Additionally, import cargo volume at the nation’s major retail container ports continue to increase according to the National Retail Federation (NRF) despite federal spending cuts that could slow down cargo processing.

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3 Essential Tips To Shipping Products

by Sarah Smith | eCommerce Fulfillment, Freight, Rakuten

Have you ever had to move from one town to another? If so, you might already know the basics of ensuring smooth product movement. Whether you are just relocating, or shipping products from one country to another, there are 3 general principles that should never be overlooked. 1: Make an accurate list. If you are moving your household items, you want to be sure that nothing is left behind and a list helps you keep everything in check.

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10 Top Tips for e-Commerce Importers

by Sarah Smith | eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment, Freight

1: Get your paperwork straight. Nothing is more infuriating to customs than receiving a shipment with incorrect or incomplete paperwork. More shipments are flagged for examination thanks to paperwork issues! When you’re importing products, make sure to file your ISF 10+2 completely AT LEAST 24 hours prior to landing. Many customs brokers require that the ISF is received 72 hours prior to lading so they have the time to get it filed.2: Be organized.

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