RSL Podcast Episode 2– 4 Tips to Strengthen Your 3PL Relationships

by Rakuten Super Logistics | eCommerce Fulfillment, eCommerce Strategy, Partnerships

  Audio transcript [Edited for clarity] Carolina: Welcome to episode two of our ecommerce and logistics podcast. I’m Carolina, I’ll be your emcee for today. And today we are talking about the 4 tips to strengthen the relationship with your 3PL and how this really makes all the difference for a growing business. Joining me today is Sarah Smith and Jason Chan you may remember them from our previous podcast. And today we have a very special guest with us, Jessica Nicholson.

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Fulfilling Holiday Expectations During Peak Season

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Holiday Fulfillment, Outsourced Fulfillment, Partnerships

We know that this time of the year can be stressful – holiday events, year-end reviews, and shopping for the perfect gifts.  As an ecommerce retailer, you have additional holiday stress…  Do you have enough inventory for the busy season? Will you end the year in the black? Will your order fulfillment provider keep up with your customers’ demand? There is a lot of pressure to deliver during the holidays.

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Building Partnerships that Last, One Storage Room at a Time

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Customer Satisfaction, Partnerships

Nutraceuticals require special attention when it comes to warehouse storage. While refrigeration or climate control is not always required for nutraceutical supplements, the natural storage environment should be within an ideal temperature range for maximum product freshness and shelf-life. Depending on external factors, the solution can be simple or require a little extra work.

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Outsource Order Fulfillment for Accelerated eCommerce Growth

by Sarah Smith | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment

Outsourcing order fulfillment and shipping can be a highly strategic business decision that helps you achieve greater productivity, increases profits and accelerates growth. At RSL, we have many long-term customers who have experienced exponential growth after outsourcing order fulfillment with us. By utilizing our solutions for order fulfillment, freight management and shipping optimization, they have grown their eCommerce businesses beyond expectations.

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Fall in Love with Your 3PL: 5 Tips for a Successful Partnership

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | eCommerce Strategy, Outsourced Fulfillment, Partnerships

When your logistics company is a partner, it’s there for the life of your company.  The most successful online retailers view their professional service providers as an extension of their business. This shift helps identify the difference between order fulfillment that “gets the job done” and smart fulfillment that improves business operations, increases customer satisfaction, and grows your ecommerce business.

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5 Overlooked Tips for Finding the Right eCommerce Fulfillment Center

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | eCommerce Fulfillment, eCommerce Strategy, Outsourced Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is a critical component to your overall business operations. If you are experiencing signs that reveal your current eCommerce fulfillment operations are in trouble, it’s time to Get Smart About Your eCommerce Fulfillment Center. However, any changes to your current processes should not be taken lightly. We’ve gathered some often overlooked tips to help you find the best fulfillment center.

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How to Boost Your Summer Sales

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment, Partnerships

Summer months can be a slow time for eCommerce businesses. However, you can maintain and even increase online sales during the summer with these summer promotion ideas. Discounts Most people just can’t resist a great deal. There’s a reason ‘Limited Time Discounts’ are still around: they are effective. A simple 10% off for the next 48 hours can draw people in.

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How to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate for the Holidays

by Sarah Smith | eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment, Holiday Fulfillment

rec·ord-break·ing (adjective): surpassing a record or best-ever achievement Are you ready to break your revenue records this holiday season? Rakuten Super Logistics is here to help. We want to see you succeed — but first, you have to believe it. Then you’ve got to put a plan in place that helps you improve your conversion rate. That’s why we’re so excited about our new guest blog post.

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New Customer Referral Program: Giving Beyond Fulfillment

by Sarah Smith | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment, Partnerships

We are very excited to announce our new customer referral program! We’ve revamped our referral program as a way of giving back. Our referral program rewards customers that suggest qualified eCommerce retailers to Rakuten Super Logistics. Since its humble beginnings in the mid-90s, eCommerce has been leading the way in a revolution of our culture. As a result, eCommerce has changed the shopping paradigm on numerous levels.

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Why You Must Stop by Rakuten Booth #1859 at IRCE

by Sarah Smith | 2-Day-Shipping, eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment

We’re in the final stages of our preparations for the world’s largest eCommerce trade show. In just two short weeks we will be exhibiting at IRCE 2015 (Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition) taking place June 2-4, 2015 in Chicago at the McCormick Place West.

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