Advantages to Hiring the Best Fulfillment Service Provider – Part 1/2

by Sarah Smith | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce

So you’ve decided to outsource your order fulfillment. That’s great! Outsourcing your fulfillment is an excellent way to save yourself time and money, as well as getting rid of the complications of dealing with the whole pick, pack, and ship process yourself. Even after you decide to outsource there is an even more difficult decision: choosing a fulfillment partner. There are hundreds of fulfillment companies out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Which Shipping Companies Do You Use?

by Sarah Smith | eCommerce Fulfillment, Partnerships

Which shipping companies do you use?Webgistix gives you a choice of shipping companies to choose from. We have strong relationships and real-time integration with UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Webgistix provides shipping discounts to qualified customers based on specific requirements.

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Questions to Ask a Potential Fulfillment Partner #13

by Sarah Smith | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce Fulfillment, Partnerships

Who will be handling my account and do I have a dedicated account manager?You will need to know if there is a dedicated person who will be assigned to your account. This is a designated individual who you can call and has authority to act on your requests. If a call center is assigned to your account, then be prepared to wait longer for a response to your request.

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Questions to Ask a Potential Fulfillment Partner #11

by Sarah Smith | Outsourced Fulfillment, Partnerships

Can you integrate with our website or existing systems?Whether you need a stand-alone system or an integrated system, fulfillment companies with advanced technology will easily be able to provide you with what you are looking for with minimum effort on your part.These IT systems should allow you to access your information over the web and allow those who require access to get the information they need in real-time.

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Joe’s Thoughts: Presentation is Everything

by Sarah Smith | Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce, Partnerships

I recently read a blog post on how different aspects of online store design affects who buys from them, and discovered that the term “presentation is everything” doesn’t just apply to food.

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