Los Angeles, California Fulfillment Center

As part of the Rakuten Group, we are on a mission to empower individuals and companies to be successful in business and in life. As part of that focus Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL), formerly Webgistix, believes eCommerce Retail presents vast opportunities for the greatest marketing minds in the world.

Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s finest innovators and creative minds, who can now run successful ecommerce businesses without the hassles of picking, packing and shipping those orders. By outsourcing their order fulfillment they can save them time and money, while protecting their reputation which frees them up to generate more marketing ideas and sales.

Los Angeles based companies who join the RSL 2-Day Delivery Network at fulfillment centers in Las Vegas or Reno, achieve 1-2 day delivery times along the entire West Coast, from Seattle and San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego. By moving your fulfillment operations out of California, you can eliminate the headaches of owning/operating warehouses without losing fast delivery times.

You also gain easy access from the Port of Oakland or the Port of Long Beach to RSL Fulfillment Centers in Las Vegas or Reno, Nevada.

Photo: Kevin Stanchfield / CC 2.0