Everything You Need to Know from IRCE 2014

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | 2-Day-Shipping, Customer Satisfaction, eCommerce

Key Take-Aways to Help Grow Your Business Now

IRCE 2014 proved to be an excellent opportunity for connecting with great information, loyal partners and promising new prospects. We unveiled our rebranding as Rakuten Super Logistics and showed off the latest and greatest in our service offerings. It’s been a great show. Now that it’s almost over, we’d like to share a few gems of wisdom learned during the busy, productive event.

Take-Away #1: Outsourcing to a fulfillment house that guarantees speed, accuracy and 2-day shipping can help grow your Amazon business or create a competitive alternative offering. Find out more here.

There are pros and cons to working with the Amazon Marketplace. Will Amazon be your key to success or lead you down the path to disaster? You must determine if the platform is right (or wrong) for your business and follow certain best practices to make the most out of the relationship.

Take-Away #2: Images, videos and animations provide a great opportunity to educate your audience on your product offerings. We’re certainly believers. See how we tell our story with a recent product animation video.

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then a video is worth a million. Your consumers expect an online experience that is rich in visual content. Create and utilize a visual content strategy that meets these desires and takes advantage of consumer photo and video sharing to maximize your reach and exposure.

Take-Away #3: If you are looking for a fulfillment provider that will partner with you to grow your business on your own terms, then Rakuten Super Logistics is the right choice for you.

Don’t just take the money and run: back-end operations are critical to lasting customer relationships.Strong marketing, a well-designed website and popular products are just the beginning. To get and maintain repeat business your customer service and fulfillment must leave a lasting positive impression.

We thank everyone who stopped by our booth or took the time to meet with us. If you didn’t get a chance to attend the show or would like additional information on any of the points above, please contact us.

We look forward to helping you chose the right order fulfillment solution for your business.