Learn Proven Strategies to Reduce Shipping Costs


Protect Your Profits from the High Costs of Free Shipping

The expectations of the online consumer have changed. Today’s shoppers require shipping that doesn’t add costs at the end of their transaction and brings their purchase to their door as quickly as possible.

For high volume eCommerce retailers shipping over 1,000 orders per month — free shipping costs can add up quickly. However, offering fast and free delivery doesn’t need to be more expensive.

Join our panel of eCommerce fulfillment experts and unlock the following keys to low-cost, free shipping:

  • Order Volume: Learn how to leverage your order volume to get large discounts on fulfillment and shipping costs
  • Fulfill from Multiple Locations: Shorten delivery timelines and lower shipping costs by strategically placing your inventory closer to your customers
  • Speed & 100% Accuracy: Find out how these two critical components can keep shipping costs down and customer satisfaction high
  • Logistics Expertise: Learn how you can simplify the confusing and complex world of fulfillment, shipping and logistics.

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