Chicago Order Fulfillment Center – Serving Chicago, Detroit, and the Midwest in 1-2 Days

Chicago, IL
8701 West 47th Street
McCook, IL 60525

Rakuten Super Logistics operates a fulfillment center in McCook, IL located 15 miles from Chicago and less than an hour drive from Port of Chicago. This location is ideal for retailers looking for fulfillment centers in Chicago, or for businesses looking to expand their Midwestern fulfillment capabilities.

This location maximizes the reach of eCommerce retailers looking for 1-2 day delivery at ground rates to Midwestern cities and major metropolitan areas from Detroit and Columbus, OH to Kansas City and Des Moines, Iowa. Our Chicago fulfillment center is also ideal for expedited freight shipments from Port Chicago.

The Village of McCook is a small suburb of Chicago and is named after John J. McCook, a director of the Santa Fe Railroad and a American Civil War Officer.

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