IRCE 2016 – We’re on Our Way!

by Carolina Cano-Espinoza | eCommerce Fulfillment, IRCE, Rakuten

In eCommerce, the US sector alone is forecasted to leap forward, expanding at 10% this year. However with this rapid growth comes great challenges inherent in a dynamic ­market. On top of fierce competition and unforgiving customers, the best practices and strategies are constantly shifting, which can make it difficult to keep up to date with the best way to guide your business. Even if you are looking to outsource as much of your eCommerce operations as possible to focus on your core, it can be difficult to know enough to compare options and make the best decisions for your company. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources like IRCE that provide the latest first class information on the eCommerce field.

The annual Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE), a 4-day conference starting on June 7th, is a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to the latest eCommerce activity. IRCE will focus on a variety of topics, from strategic thinking to incorporating video marketing into your strategy, and is sure to have many useful tips and lessons for whatever your eCommerce business is.

IRCE Booth

So W­­hat Can You Get From Us?

This year Rakuten Super Logistics will be joining several other Rakuten US companies in a central booth (#1113, in case you were wondering), for all of Wednesday and Thursday of the conference. We will have presentations prepared on order fulfillment, online retail, product fulfillment, and how we optimize service in our six fulfillment centers. We will also be holding demos of our SmartSuite technology, which we use across our national fulfillment warehouse network.

One of the most popular software in the SmartSuite is RSL SmartFill, a cloud-based solution that gives retailers complete control over their fulfillment process while automating all the order fulfillment tasks. SmartFill also helps eTailers intelligently manage back orders, inventory levels, and exceptions across multiple fulfillment centers to maximize merchants’ operational efficiency.

All of this helps Rakuten Super Logistics provide you with exceptional Reputation Management, protecting e-commerce retailers’ reputation with fast and accurate order fulfillment.

If you are free to drop by, we will be free to answer your burning questions about all your product fulfillment needs. We have always been busy in the past, so if you would like to set up an appointment contact us.

Why Does That Matter?

eCommerce is increasingly going Global. Entering a new market that you know will have demand for your product is an exciting and promising opportunity in the new Global Marketplace. Before you begin selling your goods abroad, there are several logistics hurdles you must successfully navigate to prepare for successful cross border fulfillment. Find out how we can offer you accuracy and efficiency when it comes to shipping goods to customers all over the world. If you can’t ship seamlessly from Toronto to Taipei, then you’re missing out on millions customers.

Another Reason to Celebrate

This year is particularly special because it is Rakuten Super Logistics’ 15th Anniversary! We’ll be celebrating in the only way we know how, by giving back to our wonderful customers. Throughout the conference, we will be handing out swag to qualified prospects, who will also have a chance to win one of 15 gift cards.

More Resources for You

In addition to the wonderful people, there will be an exhibition for companies to showcase their latest practices and for the 10,000 plus attendees to learn and explore. On top of all this there will, of course, be an excellent retinue of speakers. From Staples’ Head of Product Management to several CEOs of smaller firms, scores of experienced eCommerce players will be sharing their knowledge. Probably the hardest part will be deciding which talks to go to and which you’ll have to miss. It’s still not too late to register!

A Special Speaker

Although we will of course be looking to stay on top of the latest news in order fulfillment, one event that we are particularly excited about is Slice Intelligence’s Thursday workshop. Speaking on June 8th, Slice VP Kenneth Cassar will be speaking in the Fulfillment, Customer Service & Operations track. As Slice explains, while most retailers know their own metrics, it can be difficult to know how they compare to competitors. At this talk, Kenneth will be sharing data drawn from over 3.5 million customer receipts to give you the latest information on the percentage of shoppers who get free or speedier shipping, the length of time to deliver and much more. This valuable data will also be broken down by geographic area, customer demographics, and other segments.

Whether you’re coming for the people, the speakers, or the excitement, we at RSL look forward to seeing other eCommerce junkies at this great event!