As a successful eCommerce retailer you are part of a bold group of entrepreneurs changing the world in more ways than one.

In order to achieve your level of success, it takes an unwavering dedication to always deliver a great customer experience and, most of all, passion. For many eTailers, that passion also translates into a devotion to use your success to help others. Rakuten Super Logistics shares your commitment to making our world a better place. In support of those who use Rakuten SL product fulfillment services, we are pleased to launch an exciting new add-on to our customer referral program.

When you refer someone you know, who then becomes a client with RSL, you will each receive $250 GiveNow e-cards.

You can redeem your e-card at to make a cash donation to more than 2 million charities and schools. Rakuten Super Logistics supports the success of busy eCommerce retailers with timely and accurate order fulfillment that protects your reputation and helps you grow and scale your business. When you tell your friends to use Rakuten SL product fulfillment services, “Giving Beyond Fulfillment” will reward everyone involved with something extra: the chance to make a difference.