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Las Vegas, NV

880 Wigwam Parkway, Suite 120 & 7390 Eastgate Road, Suite 130
Henderson, NV

Southwest Fulfillment Centers Serving Los Angeles, Located in the Las Vegas Metro Area

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Atlanta, GA

1500 Distribution Ct #400
Lithia Springs, GA

Atlanta Fulfillment Center

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Austin, TX

1001 W. Howard Lane, Suite B
Austin, TX

Austin Fulfillment Center

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Reno, NV

970 & 974 United Circle
Sparks, NV

Reno Fulfillment Centers – Serving San Francisco & Sacramento

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New York, NY

250 Homer Street, & 1414 E State St
Olean, NY

New York Fulfillment Center

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Scranton, PA

325 Lasley Avenue
Hanover Township, PA

Scranton Order Fulfillment Center – Serving Boston, Greater NYC, and Port Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1-2 Days

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Ecommerce Platform

Why don’t you just hire a few people to ship your orders?

I actually started fulfilling orders for my product in my garage. That didn’t last long. The business quickly grew to a point where it wasn’t manageable for me to work like that. Then I moved the company into a local warehouse with a staff that managed inventory, picked products, packed orders, and sent out shipments. However, that was extremely inefficient. When business was heavy, I had to add temp labor, and when business was slow I had warehouse space and equipment that was sitting around under-utilized. By outsourcing to RSL, I effectively have infinite scalability. I don’t have any fixed costs. I don’t have to put any capital investment into my shipping operation. In short, I can focus my time and resources on my business and let RSL manage all the details related to order fulfillment.

Order fulfillment isn’t a simple task. Are you comfortable out-sourcing a key business process?

Absolutely. While order fulfillment is extremely important to customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience with my company, it’s not an area of the business where I can add value by keeping it in-house. In fact, my customers benefit by our outsourcing. RSL has a written guarantee -- all orders will go out within 1 business day and the shipments will be accurate. RSL can make that type of guarantee because order fulfillment is its core competency. As for me, I can make great toys that people love to play with. That’s what I enjoy doing, and that’s my goal as the owner. I’m growing my business by keeping my focus on giving people outstanding products.

What attracted you to RSL as opposed to other fulfillment providers?

I already mentioned the delivery guarantee that ensures my customers will get their orders quickly and reliably. In addition, my fulfillment-related costs are lower than when I tried to handle everything in-house. That’s a pretty compelling case to go with Rakuten Super Logistics. I’m also impressed with RSL’s technology. Their system is cloud-based, so I can access inventory reports, order status, shipping records, and any other information about my fulfillment operations from anywhere. That helps me stay on top of my business.

Do you view RSL as more than a fulfillment provider?

Yes. I consider RSL to be a partner and a business resource. For instance, RSL has relationships with an entire ecosystem of companies that serve eCommerce retailers. Through those resources I can give my customers a superior level of service without taking on an exorbitant cost.

How RSL best serves toy companies:

Rakuten Super Logistics has been empowering toy entrepreneurs just like you since 2001. Online toy sales in the U.S. are projected to reach an annual level of $19.5B by 2018. RSL is proud to be a driver in this record breaking growth by providing fast and accurate order fulfillment services. By outsourcing their fulfillment to Rakuten Super Logistics, business leaders from e-commerce toy companies can build better businesses and have a better life. RSL has worked hard to understand both the toy industry and your unique customers. Rakuten Super Logistics provides eCommerce fulfillment solutions that incorporates first-rate customer service, state of the art technology and equipment, and the ability to help you scale and grow your business faster. RSL knows that in the rapidly changing toy industry, things can get pretty hectic, but we're in it with you for the long haul.