We’ve Got You Covered: Zero Downtime and Free* Inventory Transfer

by Sarah Smith | eCommerce, eCommerce Fulfillment, Freight

Airplane-Image-300x262.pngDuring aerial refueling, military planes transfer fuel from one plane to another during flight. This amazing feat eliminates downtime and increases fuel efficiency. It allows planes to fly greater distances at higher speeds and with maximum payloads. Aerial refueling requires perfect timing, specialized equipment and operators trained to complete tasks with exacting precision. By keeping precious cargo in motion, aerial refueling helps eliminate the high cost of downtime.

Unfortunately, many eCommerce businesses have paid the high costs of downtime due to inventory counts, stock miscalculations and adopting new services. How well you manage your inventory can determine the success of your business. Accurate inventory counts help you deliver on your promises to your customers; they also help you with timely restocks and correct accounting audits. Inaccurate inventory, on the other hand, can wreak havoc with your business causing backorders and unhappy customers, inefficient stocking and erroneous accounting.

It could be said that your inventory is one of the most important foundations of your eCommerce business. In fact, many businesses delay securing a shipping fulfillment provider because they fear the cost of lost business during the inventory transfer process and ultimate discrepancies in their inventory counts. Fortunately, we have order fulfillment software that answer each of these concerns, and more.

A Seamless Inventory Transfer Procedure & Efficient Inventory Counts with Our Order Fulfillment Software

Webgistix provides a seamless inventory transfer process that can result in zero downtime for your business. Webgistix order fulfillment solutions can get you up and running in a matter of days. https://rakutensl.com/fulfillment-services/

SmartStock™ order fulfillment software is a combination of technology and services that streamlines the inbound inventory process. SmartStock ensures inventory levels are updated and merchandise is ready for sale shortly after arriving at a Webgistix fulfillment center. Inventory can be verified, entered in our system and made ready for fulfillment within two to four days of delivery.

With Webgistix order fulfillment software, you always know exactly how much inventory you have available. In fact, SmartFill will provide you with up-to-date counts and alerts whenever your inventory runs low.

Special Offer: Free Inventory Transfer Costs

Here’s a great opportunity to save even more when you choose Webgistix, A Rakuten Company, for outsourced order fulfillment. Your inventory transfer costs are covered when you choose Webgistix, A Rakuten Company, for outsourced order fulfillment.

Contact us today to learn more about how partnering with Webgistix and using our order fulfillment software for fast and accurate order fulfillment protects your online reputation and saves you time and money. Call 1 (866) 955-7793 or email us at marketing@webgistix.com.

We look forward to helping you choose the right order fulfillment solution for your business.

*Amount available varies based on order volume and is paid as a credit against monthly fulfillment fees. The Webgistix Fee structure is an all inclusive box price for fulfillment plus shipping costs.