One Day Order Fulfillment Services

All orders will be shipped out the door within one business day from the time your customer hits 'Checkout'.
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2-Day Delivery Network

Our eCommerce fulfillment services can help slash your shipping expenses and increase repeat business with 1-2 day delivery to 98% of the U.S. via ground shipping.
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Guaranteed 100% Accuracy – Or It's Free.

55% of customers will never come back if their order is incorrect. All Rakuten Super Logistics orders go through 3 separate quality checks to ensure 100% accuracy.
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Peace of Mind. Personal Client Support

"Having access to the RSL support team makes a huge difference when we're managing our operations. It's almost like having our own personnel in the warehouse."

Seamless integration with top ecommerce platforms

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2-Day Network increased speed of delivery and decreased shipping costs by 35%

It is imperative to have good fulfillment operations because you are part of the system that allows me to run my business. I don’t even have to think about RSL because you are doing your job and you are doing it seamlessly. ”
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Focus your time and resources on what you do best

Now that we have outsourced fulfillment and shipping through Rakuten Super Logistics we can spend more time developing exciting new products for our customers.”
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Know Your Customers Are in Good Hands with RSL Customer Service

The system and high quality staff that RSL has in place ensures that your company is treated like their own. ”
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Make women look themselves, only better.

Pixi Beauty's popular makeup line is created with the mission “to make women look themselves, only better”. After partnering with Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) for their order fulfillment and shipping, they have more time to promote their products.”

A Note From Our CEO

Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) is a leading ecommerce order fulfillment company that provides the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings retailers demand. With our order fulfillment services, we empower entrepreneurs —no matter their size— to compete with any online retailer in the world.

RSL provides ecommerce retailers the resources to increase speed of order delivery and constantly improve order fulfillment accuracy, while lowering shipping costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

We work with you to determine how and where your product should be located in order to get the lowest shipping costs available to you. Our nationwide network of facilities are all located near major US ports. These ports allow for efficient transportation and shipping costs. Once in our facilities, your inventory will be within a 2-day ground shipping network for 98% of the United States.

RSL‘s success has been based on the hard work and commitment of our people. We understand that, even in the age of technology, operational success depends on hiring the best people—which is why we hire, train and endeavor to promote from within our company. We believe that technology serves people and that our team has to universally share a commitment to our clients.

Since 2001, our eCommerce fulfillment services have evolved alongside retail and the online seller, but our values have remained constant. We remain committed to complete transparency in our operations, fully owned and operated fulfillment centers, and responsive In-house client support.

Michael Manzione | CEO