Cloud-Based Order Fulfillment

Maintain Control From Anywhere In The World, 24/7

We enable eCommerce retailers to compete with any retailer in the world with reliable, outsourced order fulfillment. Eliminate fixed overhead costs and increase speed and accuracy of global order fulfillment through our nationwide network of product fulfillment centers and seamless platform integrations.  Our international fulfillment services can help you grow your business.

  • Streamlined inventory process
  • Integration with all major shopping carts
  • Hands-off fulfillment automation



eCommerce Freight Services

From Pick-up to Drop-off, We Handle the Entire Process

SmartFreight is designed to help provide Rakuten Super Logistics’ clients with the most efficient and economical transportation solutions available to move and manage their freight shipments. RSL simplifies the complexity of logistics and provides product fulfillment services so that ecommerce customers can focus on growing their business.

  • Savings on shipping costs
  • Inbound-outbound domestic freight
  • International fulfillment services & logistics


Responsive Client Support

Guaranteed response within 3 hours

Each Rakuten Super Logistics product fulfillment services client has direct access to a personal support team, who works directly with fulfillment liaisons based in the same facility where you store your products. All of our product fulfillment centers are always open to visits and tours so you can see how your product is being handled.

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“ RSL provides the resources and expertise in fulfillment that in-house fulfillment simply can’t match”

Michael Leung, CEO

16 Questions to Ask When Choosing an eCommerce Fulfillment Company

Find the Right Partner for Your eCommerce Fulfillment.

Not every fulfillment company is in tune with the needs and business objectives of fast growing eCommerce retailers. And not all logistics solutions are going to be there for you at every stage of your company’s growth, or work with you to make sure each package arrives on time with the correct products inside. Find out the questions you must ask to find the right fulfillment partner and learn why you must consider your logistics team to be a partner in your business. Read more about why your business needs Rakuten SL fulfillment services here.