Order Fulfillment Service Setup

SmartFill™ Fulfills Everytime

Step 1 : SmartFill™ Account Set Up

The first step of the Rakuten Super Logistics order fulfillment process is getting your products into any of our seven fulfillment centers and integrating your shopping cart system with RSL’s SmartFill™. SmartFill™ offers plug-in integration with all major shopping carts, but you can also use our custom API to set it up. Learn More About SmartFill™

Step 2 : Integration Testing & Prepare Inventory

After SmartFill integration tests are completed, you will prepare your inventory for receiving. Our SmartFreight specialists can arrange delivery to your selected fulfillment center(s).

Step 3 : Inventory Received & Processed

Your inventory will be received and processed using the SmartStock Accelerated Inbound Receiving. Inventory is processed and made available for shipment using our order fulfillment service within two business days.

Step 4 : Packaging & Order Processing

Once your order information is flowing smoothly from your website into SmartFill, you’re ready for launch. With our order fulfillment system, you can customize or add marketing messages to your packaging slips, or use standard packaging.


Two-Day Delivery

Get It There Faster

Once the order goes out the door, it is then delivered to its location by one of our shipping partners. With our order fulfillment system, you can use our fulfillment centers to reach 98% of the United States within 1-2 days via ground shipping.

Rakuten Super Logistics’ SmartShip Optimizer applies advanced analytics to the order fulfillment process, automatically calculating the optimal shipment method so orders are delivered at the lowest cost. This, in combination with the RSL shipping network, also allows e-retailers to optimize delivery times.

Our order fulfillment process has been proven to reduce shipping costs by an average of $2.36 an order, due to shorter distances to your customer. Any returns would also be sent back to our facility, where they would be processed according to your instructions. View All Fulfillment Centers 


Post Shipping Analytics

Send Anywhere, Track Everything

You can utilize Rakuten Super Logistics’ powerful SmartFill™ technology to create reports on trends in your order fulfillment. For example, you can find out which of your items were hot sellers or see which items had the highest number of returns. Everything is tracked in SmartFill™, letting you make informed decisions about your business using our complete outsourced order fulfillment process.

RSL also offers services like SmartStock™, a system designed to make your receiving processing easy when you need to restock your inventory.
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