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2-Day Fulfillment Service DeliveryLower Shipping Costs1-Day Order FulfillmentMore Repeat BusinessCloud-based Fulfillment ManagementHigher Buyer Satisfaction


2-Day Delivery Network

RSL’s national fulfillment network gives you access to our 1–2 day delivery service to 98% of the U.S. via ground shipping. When you outsource shipping to one of our multiple fulfillment centers, you can cut an average of $0.50 per pound from your shipping bill.



Import/Shipping Logistics Experts

Since 2001, RSL has been at the forefront of order fulfillment. We have shipped millions of orders for hundreds of online retailers around the world, including Fortune 500 companies.


Shopping Cart Integration

The SmartFill platform is designed to provide ecommerce retailers with a wide array of simple integrations that create a unique and powerful outsourced fulfillment solution for rapid growth. This allows ecommerce retailers to scale their businesses without any additional fixed costs, capital outlay, or labor for order fulfillment. And just as important, when you outsource shipping with RSL, you can increase the reliability and manageability of the fulfillment processes significantly.

“We no longer have to worry about shipping. As business owners, we can focus on real things that contribute to growing our business, such as understanding our customers, and leave shipping to RSL.”
“The system and high quality staff that RSL has in place ensures that your company is treated like their own. ”
“Now that we have outsourced fulfillment and shipping through Rakuten Super Logistics we can spend more time developing exciting new products for our customers.”
“ It is imperative to have good fulfillment operations because you are part of the system that allows me to run my business. I don’t even have to think about RSL because you are doing your job and you are doing it seamlessly. ”