Manage your supply chains more effectively when you outsource to the shipping and logistics experts at RSL

With its ever-changing rules and regulations, it’s no wonder that most eCommerce retailers struggle to understand the confusing and complex world of fulfillment, shipping and logistics. Since 2001, RSL has been building and continuously updating a cloud-based suite of eCommerce shipping solutions for order fulfillment, freight management and shipping optimization. For companies looking to outsource shipping and fulfillment logistics, there’s no better place than Rakuten SL. Our shipping logistics experts can help you:

Save Time

72% of business owners report working longer hours, and on weekends

Protect Your Online Reputation

75% of consumers trust online reviews more than they trust word-of-mouth reviews — even from people they know

Increase Customer Satisfaction

13% of your unhappy customers will complain to 20 people (or more) each

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Shopping Cart Integration
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